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Human experience in judicial administration for the adult offender in the Greater Vancouver area Ball, Leonard Rae


The purpose of this thesis is to explore, as far as possible, the human element in the process of judicial administration. It attempts to include some aspects, and the environmental situation, of several social groupings including the skid row habitue and the professional criminal. To this extent it tries to get a perspective relative to the intent of the offender. The paper also tries to develop a scope that relates existing machineries of judicial administration as they relate to the various offenders. The primary purpose is, through a general survey, to create questions rather than answer them. It is hoped that future research can and will be done in order to clarify the pertinent queries made. Among the questions indicated as badly in need of an answer are the possibility of a total change in the administration to answer the specific needs of the skid row unemployed or unemployable who may be totally accepting the present judicial syndrome to get subsistence and the effects of the process of admission into the city or provincial jail which may restructure an individual's self-image so as to alienate him from his original society and create a possible recidivist as he adapts to the jail or prison sub-culture.

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