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Post secondary family life education in British Columbia MacDonald, Joan Phyllis Diana


Family life education is now advocated by many authorities but rarely defined. Analysis and definition of curricula in the field is equally rare. This study pays special attention to education in this subject area, especially in tertiary institutions. University and community college programs are discussed. Part of this thesis is a detailed review of relevant literature. Particular attention is paid to (1) definitions of the topic, (2) possibilities and proposals for interdisciplinary contributions to the field of study, (3) instruction in the area, including content and methods. Focusing on British Columbia, a detailed survey was conducted of all agencies expected to be active in family life education. Many gave negative reports indicating no programs were offered. Detailed analysis of the responses produced a comprehensive profile of agencies reporting participation. Critical aspects of the analysis were, (1) types of agencies, (2) the instructors active, (3) clients of the programs, (4) outline of curriculum. While several types of agencies are active in family life education (schools, churches), the bulk of the courses were offered in the realm of social work. Nevertheless, the need is apparent for more and different courses available at the tertiary level in community colleges and universities. Final recommendations Include establishing a Family Life Studies Institute to coordinate local instruction, research and study programs.

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