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Usefulness of the Marianne Frostig developmental test of visual perception, and the Frostig program for the development of visual perception at the first grade level Friesen, Elaine Cornelia


The purpose of this Investigation was to determine whether the Marianne Frostig Program for the Development of Visual Perception is successful in terms of increased reading readiness and visual perceptual abilities, when used in the regular classroom. Thirty-two first grade pupils were selected as subjects on the basis of below-normal scores on the Marianne Frostig Developmental Test of Visual Perception and the Clymer-Barrett Prereading Battery, Form A. Both the experimental and control groups were taught by the experimenter. Three times a week for six weeks the experimental group received fifteen to twenty minutes of physical, three-dimensional and two-dimensional exercises according to the Frostig Program for the Development of Visual Perception. The control group received instruction as prescribed by the course of study. No significant improvement of the experimental group over the control group was found at the .05 level of significance. It was concluded that much further Investigation into the suitability of this program for a regular classroom should be done regarding the optimal age level and class size; training, personalities and attitudes of the teachers involved; and the optimal duration and concentration of the program.

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