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A descriptive study of difficulties in cross-cultural relationships of young adult Indians as evidenced by lack of facility in speech : a suggested program for surmounting such difficulties Kristjanson, Gustaf


The purpose of the study was to investigate the reasons underlying the lack of facility in spoken English which occurs in a large proportion of the native Indian population. This lack of facility is considered to be an important factor in preventing them from functioning effectively in the larger society of which they are a part. More specifically, the study is concerned with difficulties in oral communication of Indian adolescents and youth. Opinions of authorities in the field of oral communication were investigated and the findings of educationists who have conducted studies among Indian students were reviewed. Personal interviews were conducted with Indian students and with adult authorities involved with Indian education. The study concluded that personal and cultural factors, in addition to language problems, play an important part in reducing the effectiveness in spoken English of Indian people. It is recommended that a program designed to give training and experience in interactive communication and the fundamental speech skills be made available to Indian high school students in order to reduce those factors which inhibit ease of performance in speech. The rationale for this is developed and an outline of the program is presented. Recommendations for further study are discussed and a questionnaire to assess attitudes toward oral communication is presented.

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