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A critical edition of Luis de Avila y Zuniga's Comentario de la Guerra de Alemania Koch, Dietrich Ewald Richard


The text of this edition is a xerox copy of that found on pages 409 - 449 in Vol. 21 of the Biblioteca de Autores Espanoles, Madrid, 1946, which in turn is a re-print of the 1767 edition made by Francisco Javier Garcia in Madrid. In its preparation I have tried to explain most references to events not explicitly mentioned in the "commentary", as well as to establish the identity of persons and place names, the spelling of which is frequently so mutilated as to make recognition impossible. I have included in this edition a biographical sketch of the author, a table listing the principal editions, a brief evaluation of the "commentary", a general introduction to the events which were to bring about the war, and a list of works consulted.

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