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Un'indagine sull 'opera letteraria di Scipio Slataper Aurelio, Vittorio Monti


The purpose of this thesis is to follow the artistic development of Scipio Slataper, a young Italian writer at the dawn of the twentieth century and to discuss his literary achievements from the early writings to the works that mark the peak of his literary career. In chapter one, the activities of Slataper with "La Voce", one of the leading literary journals; of the period, will be discussed. The cultural personalities involved in this journal were responsible for major changes brought about in modern Italian literature. Chapter two will be devoted to Slataper's correspondence with three young ladies of the period. The collection of these letters, destined to become a book, constitutes and interesting document of the intimate life of the artist, his loves, fear, frustration and triumph over disillusionment. The third chapter will focus on the later relationship Slataper had with the writers who contributed to "La Voce" and will show the increasing friction and final rupture of this group. The fourth chapter will deal with "II mio Carso", one of the major works of Slataper and an original contribution to the development of the narrative forms in modern Italian literature. The fifth chapter will offer an evaluation of Slataper's career as a writer and critic which culminates in his major work: "Ibsen". Slataper's essay views the life of the Norwegian dramatist, not through the sharp instruments of the critic, but rather through the sensitivity of another artist.

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