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Some properties of a cosmological model containing anti-matter Matz, Detlef


The chief aim of this work is to investigate cosmological consequences of a hypothesis put forward by Morrison and Gold in 1956. These authors postulate the existence of equal amounts of matter and antimatter in our universe. Abandoning the principle of equivalence, they attribute negative gravitational mass to anti-nucleons. The result is a drastic alteration in the field equation for the gravitational potential. In the first three chapters Newtonian Cosmology is developed from basic principles. The equations describing a universe consisting of matter are set up and solved. In chapter IV the hypothesis of Morrison and Gold is introduced, and the resulting model for the universe is compared with models obtained in chapter III. It is concluded that within the framework of the model considered, the hypothesis of Morrison and Gold is incompatible with the observational evidence, because it leads to an age of the universe of between 1.3 and 1.9 billion years, which is less than the age derived from other geological and astrophysical data.

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