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A study on a dielectric loaded resonant linear electron accelerator Creelman, Allan, Earle


The pre-accelerator and the dielectric loaded slow-wave structure are examined in detail. The fields in the pre-accelerator are expressed as an infinite series which converges rapidly. It was found that by considering only the first term of the series, good results were obtained for the stored energy, the power dissipated and the cavity Q. Low power tests on the pre-accelerator gave confirmation of theoretical calculations. The fields in the dielectric loaded slow-wave structure were determined experimentally by means of a perturbation method. The results compare favourably with previous theoretical work. An electron beam was introduced into the pre-accelerator cavity using a 2 KV electron gun and measurements were made of the gain in electron energy. Peak microwave power levels of up to 0.19 MW were used and electron energies up to 340 KEV were obtained. It was concluded that the pre-accelerator can provide adequate initial conditions for the capture of electrons in the main accelerator.

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