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An analysis of the Fraser River tidal control Kay, Donald Hughie James


The development of an automatic control system involves a consideration of the problems of the stability and response of such a system. The purpose of this thesis is to outline these problems as they appear in the automatic control of water level in a tidal basin model. A synopsis of general servomechanism theory is briefly outlined stressing three points (1) Design the system so that oscillatory conditions prevail. (2) Design the natural frequency well above the operating frequency. (3) Where necessary introduce stabilizing networks. The results obtained by tests revealed one thing; the introduction of external circuits had very little effect on the continuous operation of the tidal model. An examination of the theoretical analysis of the control system however brought out three reasons for limiting the value of the constant K₄. The constant K₄ corresponds to the moment of inertia of a mechanical system. The constant K₄ is related to the parameters of the system, which are the area of the basin, the length of the weirs, and the pump discharge.

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