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An application of Rosenau's pre-theory to the Sino-Indian and Sino-Burmese boundary disputes Charlebois, Carol Ann Ruth


This paper is an attempt to explore some of the linkages between national and international political systems through an application of a modified version of Rosenau's pre-theory to the Sino-Indian and Sino-Burmese border disputes. The Indian and Burmese cases presented contrasts on some of the variables considered in Rosenau's theory along with marked differences in the consequences of policy outputs. The case studies revealed important differences in the foreign policy making processes that could be linked to Rosenau's variables and to outcomes and consequences. Concepts developed within the field of foreign policy analysis, the study of international political systems, and the theory of bargaining can readily be encompassed within the model. The model, however, presents some problems of definition and problems in causal analysis.

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