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Analysis of the potential institutional demand in processed desserts for British Columbia tree fruits Barry, Michael Thomas


The tree fruits industry in British Columbia distributes its products in both fresh and processed forms. The processed fruit industry, through Sun-Rype Products Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of B.C. Tree Fruits Limited, is an important and profitable part of the tree fruits industry in British Columbia. Expansion of this industry, however, depends upon finding new market opportunities. The purpose of this paper was to gather information on the size and characteristics of the British Columbian institutional market for frozen fruit-based desserts. Such an investigation appeared essential given the facts that the number of processed fruit products were very limited and institutions were increasing both their share of the food dollar and their consumption of frozen foods. Obtaining the necessary information involved the collecting of all relevant published data as well as the conducting of personal interviews. The published data were limited but did provide both a general background on the institutions' food requirements and statistics on gross sales. To break these gross statistics down into more meaningful potential dessert sales required interviewing several Greater Vancouver institutions. These interviews provided data on various food costs and more detailed information on dessert requirements. The results of the investigation indicated that the demand of the British Columbian institutional market for frozen fruit-based desserts was not large but the costs of producing, marketing, and shipping such desserts would also have to be examined before a final decision to enter or not to enter the market was made.

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