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Silicon thin-films. I.Low-temperature-sublimed silicon films on sapphire and spinel substrates, II. A field effect study of the metal-insulator-semiconductor structure and its applications in notch networks Wong, Peter Hung-Kei


A study of the structural and electrical properties of low-temperature-sublimed silicon films indicates that they are characterized by a high density of grain boundaries, hence crystal defects. A trapping model has been proposed to explain the experimentally observed temperature-dependencies of resistivity and carrier concentration of these films. The result shows that the defect density at the grain boundaries is of the order of 10¹² cmˉ², and that it is independent of the doping concentrations in the films. It has been shown that the thin-film metal-insulator-semi-conductor (MIS) structure can be reduced to a transmission line problem by expressing the equivalent capacitance of the structure as a series combination of the depletion capacitance and the insulator capacitance. The variations of both the capacitance and channel conductance of the MIS structure have been utilized to make notch filters in which the notch frequency can be varied over 200% by an external biasing voltage. In view of the need for maintaining a constant null depth in the semiconductor notch filter under various biasing potentials, a new notch network has been proposed in which the optimal notch condition could be maintained simply by designing the ratios of the lengths and widths of the MIS structure to the appropriate values.

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