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Modelling the impact behaviour of fibre reinforced composite materials Pierson, Michael O.


Three analytical models describing the behaviour of composite targets under impact, and suitable for engineering applications are developed herein. Each model assumes that the impacting projectiles are rigid, and that the targets are fibre reinforced laminated plates. One model is concerned with the non-penetrating impact of hemispherical projectiles. A modal series solution which includes the effects of shear deformation and rotary inertia is developed to describe the target deformations in this model. Another model predicts the penetration behaviour of blunt projectiles. Results of static penetration tests are used by this model to characterize the damage caused by impacting blunt projectiles. The third model describes the penetration due to impacting conical shaped projectiles. The progression of damage as it is described by Zhu et al [1992] is used as a basis for the characterization of damage in this model. Each model is compared with experimental results obtained from low velocity instrumented impact tests, and high velocity ballistic tests.

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