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Milling of flexible structures Montgomery, Darcy Thomas


Current manufacturing research aims at increasing productivity by optimal selection of process parameters. This is accomplished by understanding the fundamental physics of individual manufacturing processes. In this thesis, peripheral milling of very flexible cantilevered plates is studied. The static and dynamic deflections of the plate under periodic milling forces are modelled. A new dynamic cutting force model is developed which considers five discrete zones of relative motion between the tool and the workpiece. The kinematics of both milling and vibratory motions are modelled, which is an original research contribution in this area. It is shown that the penetration of the tool into the workpiece during vibratory cutting has a strong influence on the damping and stiffness characteristics of the milling process. A structural model of a discontinuous cantilevered plate is determined using the finite element method. A reduced order structural model at the tool-workpiece contact zone is implemented for discrete time response analysis of the plate under cutting force excitations during milling. The closed loop dynamic behaviour of the system is modelled and taken into account in the analysis. Simulations of plate machining are compared with experimental results. A model of the surface finish generation mechanism is deduced from the analysis and experimental results. Applications of this research include peripheral milling of integral jet engine impellers, computer disk drives and other flexible mechanical components.

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