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Photovoltaic array simulators Liu, Guang


Two basic types of photovoltaic (PV) array simulator have been designed and tested. The first involves the use of a pilot panel and variable light source. It is implemented with analogue circuits. A stability analysis based on Popov's method is presented for this simulator with resistance-inductance (R-L) loads. In the second, characteristic array curves are stored in the memory of a microprocessor-based simulator. The design of both simulators is based on the transfer function method. By using the computing facility available, a stability study for the Type I simulator and some dynamic simulations are carried out. Both simulators are capable of driving a special load, namely, an experimental solar pumping system. The experimental results for both types of' simulator are satisfactory in terms of steady state precision and dynamic behaviour when used with this load. Compared with previously-reported PV array simulator designs [6,7,8,9,18], the two simulators described here have the following distinctive features: 1. A new method of sample curve generation for the Type II simulator results in relatively short sampling period and small memory size. 2. The sample curves of the type II simulator are based directly on the real PV array to be simulated. They are more accurate than the sample curves in references [6,7,9]. 3. Different loads (R, R-L and an experimental solar pumping system) have been considered in the design and have been tested in laboratory. 4. A stability analysis and some dynamic simulations are presented for the type I simulator. An analysis of this type has not been reported in previous studies [6,7,8,9,18].

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