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A thermodynamic analysis of several pressurized fluidized bed combined cycle power generation systems Anastasiou, Roger


This thesis presents the results of computer modelling of two classes of combined cycle pressurized fluidized bed, coal fired power generation systems. The steam tube and air heater cycles have been proposed for future power stations because of their cost effectiveness and low pollution. The performance of the air heater cycle and seven variations of the steam tube cycle are simulated. The emphasis in modelling is to develop a system which will compare the cycles on an equal basis. Several configurations of the steam tube cycle are modelled using Hat Creek coal. Intercooling is found to be beneficial to the steam tube cycle, while recuperation is detrimental. The intercooled steam tube cycle is found to be 2 percentage points more efficient than conventional coal fired power plants. The air heater cycle has an efficiency similar to the conventional cycle. The part load simulation of a single module, air heater plant was also completed, indicating that when operating at 50% load, the gross thermal efficiency drops from 36.8% to 30.8%.

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