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The transverse dynamics of rotating imperfect disks Rosval, Gergory William


The transverse motions of circular saws have undesirable effects on many aspects of circular sawing. Due to current high manufacturing costs, substantial savings may be realized if these transverse motions can be reduced. In this thesis a circular saw is modelled as a rotating imperfect disk acted upon by a transverse, non-oscillatory point load stationary in space. Such a model is known to accurately predict certain relevant aspects of the behaviour of a circular saw in its operating environment. Initially the free response of a non-rotating perfect disk is considered. This model is then refined by considering the effects of rotational stresses and small imperfections within the disk. The response of such a disk to an oscillatory load is determined, from which the response to a non-oscillatory load may be determined as a special case of particular interest. Experimental results are given which quantitatively confirm the theory presented.

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