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An Optimization model of British Columbia’s Georgia Strait chinook and coho salmon fishery Staley, Michael James


A computational procedure for optimization of large multidimensional models is presented. The procedure is applied to a model of the Georgia Strait sport and commercial fisheries of Chinook C Oncorhynchus tshawytscha ) and coho ( O. kisutch ) salmon. Optimal seasons for these fisheries are calculated and compared to current regulations. Differences, in form and performance, between the optimal seasons and present seasons are minimal and insignifigant. However, in order to match present age structure, population levels and harvests a value of near zero must be placed on fish left in the water at the end of the season. The computational requirements of the optimization are proportional to those of the model. In the case study in this thesis the optimization required approximately eight to ten times the computer time of the model.

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