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Simple pion-nucleon and pion-nucleus potentials with applications of the doorway model to pion-nucleus scattering Rowe, Glenn William


The pion-nucleon total cross section is reproduced in the pion kinetic energy range of zero to 250 MeV by a simple Yukawa potential with the depth.and width as free parameters. This potential is then averaged over a nuclear matter distribution in an attempt to produce a pion-nucleus potential for pion-¹²C scattering. The model is explored by varying several parameters in the potential and observing their effect on the differential cross section for pion-12C scattering with the pion kinetic energy equal to 50 MeV. No completely satisfactory fit to the data is found. It is suggested that treating this system as a pion-nucleon system interacting in the average field of the residual nucleus may give better results and some ideas are presented as to how this might be done. Applications of such a treatment of pion-nucleus interactions to the description of pion-nucleus "doorway" states (so far, apart from the N*, unobserved) are discussed.

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