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Effects of elaborative prompt condition and developmental level on performance of addition problems by kindergarten children Grunau, Ruth V. E.


The purpose of the present study was to examine the possibility that an elaborative process (Rohwer, 1973) may be used by young children in the performance of addition. The effects of elaborative Prompt Condition (Concrete plus Verbal, Imaginal plus Verbal, Verbal Only) and Described Relation (Dynamic, Static) on the performance of addition word problems of the form m+n=_, were examined with 108 kindergarten children at three Developmental Levels (Conservers, Transitionals , Nonconservers). Three counting models children may use to solve addition word problems, were also examined. An analysis of the number of correct responses revealed that overall, Conservers performed significantly better than Transitionals and Nonconservers, who did not differ from each other. At each Developmental Level children performed best under the Concrete plus Verbal Prompt Condition. When performance on items where m>n was compared with m

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