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An Investigation to determine the effects of teaching elementary logic to tenth-grade geometry students Hall, William Edward


The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the effects on achievement in and attitude towards mathematics of teaching certain elementary-logic concepts to high school mathematics students. To achieve this purpose, four classes of tenth-grade geometry students were selected from a single school of the Vancouver School District. Two of the classes served as the experimental group for this investigation. Both the experimental and control groups were taught by the investigator. The program for the experimental group involved a one-week introduction to elementary logic concepts followed by a two week study of "Similarity" concepts. The control group's program involved only the two-week study of the "Similarity" concepts. The students were evaluated at the beginning and end of the treatment period and again three weeks later. Most of the instruments administered were developed by the investigator and consequently not standardized. The mean test scores obtained were statistically analyzed for significance of differences using t-statistics. The null hypothesis was tested at the five percent level of confidence. Analysis of the data collected showed that the null hypothesis is accepted at the high, medium, and low ability levels. The acceptance of the null hypothesis implied that the teaching of logic concepts to tenth-grade geometry students had no significant effects on achievement in mathematics or attitude towards mathematics.

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