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Nuclear orientation of Bi²⁰⁶ in nickel McConnell, Peter Robert Henderson


A study of the Pb²⁰⁶ decay was performed by Nuclear Orientation 206 of Bi²⁰⁶ nuclei in a Nickel host at very low temperatures. The hyperfine field of Bi²⁰⁶/Ni was determined to be 400 ± 34 kiloGauss, with only 65 % of the Bismuth nuclei occupying 'good' lattice sites. Mixing ratios were determined for several transitions in the Pb²⁰⁶ decay. Attenuation coefficients due to reorientation effects in the isomeric state at 2200 keV, excitation in Pb²⁰⁶ were measured. A discussion of the fractional occupation of 'good' lattice sites By the Bismuth nuclei is given.

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