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What kind of peace do we seek? : military interventions in the post-cold war era, 1999-2004 Brock, Jeremy Edward


This thesis examines three publicly prominent models of post-Cold War security in order to assess their expectations against the empirical record of the 1994-2004 period. This thesis examines the extent to which the expectations of the Fukuyama, Huntington and Kaplan models are borne out, by testing them against three of the most prominent military interventions of the last decade: Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. The purpose here is to derive how and why military interventions would or would not take place in the post-Cold War era, and these crises provide fertile ground for this analysis because of their complex, comprehensive and contemporary natures. From the evidence presented, it was found that Fukuyama's model was the most correct and provides the most explanatory power in identifying the underlying trends at work in international politics. It is hoped that this thesis will help to clarify the post-Cold War security environment, and it is believed that similar analyses can be extended and generalized so as to include more crises and better predict why and how military interventions would or would not take place in the future.

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