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Domestic architecture of Roman Greece Papaioannou, Maria


This thesis involves the study of the evolution of the domestic plan from a select number of representative Greek cities located in the Roman province of Achaia and the region of Epeiros, which was incorporated within the boundaries of Achaia between 27 BC and the early 2nd century AC. In this project I present and analyze similarities or divergences in plan, construction techniques and adornment of the domestic unit within each city. I document the intrusion of Roman elements into the Hellenic plan. And last, I draw conclusions based on factors that include the status of the city or its relationship with Rome, and the origins of a city's inhabitants. Evidence suggests that in some centres the prevailing Greek courtyard house (with or without peristyle) of the Hellenistic period was supplanted by the Italian-type domus, while additional western influences were also identified in floor pavements, wall decoration and furnishings.

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