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Morm : a fact-oriented conceptual modeling approach to designing data warehouses and olap applications Payne, Robert R.


The interest in data warehouses and OLAP applications in recent years is largely due to the promise of improved decision-making made possible by integrating data from numerous different sources. The underlying data structures required to support the analytical requirements of these systems clearly justifies the need for a distinct data modeling approach, particularly at the conceptual level. As a direct response to the inability of conventional data modeling methods to represent multidimensional semantics, multidimensional modeling has emerged and brought with it a variety of new multidimensional concepts. Several models have been proposed to represent these concepts, but a complete and natural approach does not exist that adequately conceptualizes and communicates multidimensional designs to business and technical users alike. To address the fundamental deficiencies and shortcomings of existing models, we propose a fact-oriented approach to conceptual multidimensional modeling. Our approach is a specialization of Object Role Modeling in which we define additional constructs and guidelines to consider multidimensional properties at the conceptual level. We believe our utilization of the fact-oriented paradigm provides us with a conceptual multidimensional model that is more natural and simpler than existing models. To demonstrate its practicality, we apply our approach to a case study and demonstrate how our model can be implemented using existing technologies.

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