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Cites on the edge : periurbanisation in South-East China Anderson, Samantha


In this thesis, I examine the process of urbanisation in several peri-urban villages surrounding the medium-sized city of Quanzhou, in Fujian Province, China. I look at several villages in various states of incorporation into the city proper, and examine the meaning of urbanisation from physical, social and administrative perspectives. Primary material is based on interviews with municipal, neighbourhood and village officials, with migrant workers and residents of peri-urban villages. Some of the major changes of the reform era in China are discussed as they pertain to urbanisation, including the transformation from a primarily agricultural economy to a primarily industrial one, and the mass movement of labour migrants from rural to urban areas in search of employment. I describe and critique Quanzhou's Master Plan. I argue that the gradual approach the city has taken to this point in incorporating peri-urban villages into the core is a better approach than the Master Plan, and that the Master Plan is more an attempt by government officials to satisfy a need for control and response to a more generalised concern of the perceived problems of peri-urban areas than a way to address actual conditions in Quanzhou.

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