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Performance analysis of a transmit diversity scheme in correlated fading with imperfect channel estimation Gu, Donghui Charles


Exact closed-form expressions are derived for the bit error rate of Simple Transmit Diversity (STD) with 2 transmit and M receive antennas in time-selective, spatially independent Rayleigh fading with imperfect channel estimation and in non time-selective, spatially correlated Rayleigh fading with imperfect channel estimation. The performance analysis is also presented. For spatially independent fading, it is found that for the same values of the channel gain time correlation coefficient ρ[sub t] and the channel gain estimation error correlation coefficient ρ[sub e] , the error performance in non time-selective fading with imperfect channel estimation is worse than in time-selective fading with perfect channel estimation. The BER floor resulting from channel estimation errors and time-selective fading is determined. For the same values of ρ[sub t] and ρ[sub e] , say ρ, the error floor limits are approached at lower signal to noise ratio (SNR) values for (ρ[sub t] = 1, ρ[sub e] = ρ) than for (ρ[sub t] = ρ, ρ[sub e] = 1 ) . The effects of channel estimation errors on error performance of STD and Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) were compared and it was shown that for large values of signal to noise and estimation error to noise ratios, STD suffers a 3 dB loss compared to MRC in non-time selective, spatially independent fading.

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