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Pion-nucleus total cross-sections Yang, Yi


In this work we present a method for analytically calculating the total cross section of π— nucleus scattering. The momentum space approach is used. An optical potential is obtained using the Kerman-McManus-Thaler(KMT) multiple scattering formalism. Lippmann-Schwinger equation in momentum space is solved by a numerical method. This formalism includes the spin flip term and fermi motion averaging with 3-body kinematics. The calculation results of our code are in excellent agreement with the experimental data of π⁻¹²C scattering in the energy region 80 MeV ~ 280 MeV. Compared to other similar methods, our results better reproduce the π⁻¹²C resonance peak. It predicts the correct energy of the resonance peak, and gives scattering amplitudes which agree with the experimental data within 1%.

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