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Interiors: object studies Linehan, Marie


This project began with a directed study looking at literary and artistic representations of highly subjective understandings of space, of the protagonist's immediate, familiar environment. There was an interest in the kind of potency of these projected realities and the ways in which understandings of scale, particularly extremes of scale, figured in them. The preliminary work of the thesis involved the making and collecting of small objects that because of their symbolic form or because they could be read at multiple scales, would inspire projections of occupation. The work presented focused on classical perspective and the photographic image in series as a means of representing the space of objects. These are interior studies. But i t is significant that the images or groupings of images are intended to describe a space of a kind of non-definitive scale. The intention is that the subject be engaged in defining the nature of the space represented. The images are experiments in the limits and potentials of the representation of a space as distinct from the space itself. The project explores the role of representation in describing (defining) the subject's understanding of the space represented.

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