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Simulation and reliability analysis of a flexible manufacturing system with AGV based material handling Dai, Fuhong


This thesis investigates the reliability of a flexible manufacturing system with AGV based material handling. An analytical model was built using the stale space approach (Markov process). Although the method is shown to be tedious when the number of system compon ents becomes large , however , it does provide a powerful approach for reliability analysis of complex systems such as flexible manufacturing facilities. To simplify the analysis, state merging and state truncating techniques were used in carrying out the calculations. To compare with the analytical results, a simulation model was built using SLAM II discrete event modelling and simulation software. The results were very close to the analytical ones when same failure and repair rates were assumed 11r the basic components of the system. Overall, it was found that the simulation method was much simpler to develop and experiment with. A SLAM II simulation model of the system performance was also built to examine the operation of the FMS as a whole with failure and repair events.

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