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Ideologia y humor en La Dama Boba de Lope de Vega y Carpio Salvador, Gines


This study attempts to analyze Lope de Vega's La dama boba (1613), The study begins with a brief review of the literature on La dama boba and a few notes on the methodology used to interpret the play. Vis-a-vis this existing body of critical literature, the objective of this thesis is to follow the play on a scene by scene basis, thus viewing the work as intended by its author. As a corollary to that objective, careful attention will be placed on the author's ideological viewpoint. In this play Lope applies basic principles of platonism, aristotelianism and neoplatonism to common domestic affairs. Thus we see how "love" can transform a foolish young woman (boba) into a crafty and astute person (lista), or how "extremes" in character—the fool, the pedant--will ultimately find their "golden mean." Lope manages to portray this philosophical vision while at the same time maintaining the interest of his audience through humour. Therefore the study also examines some of the mechanisms of humour used by the playwright.

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