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A theoretical study of space charge and hyrdomagnetic waves in solids Cook, John George


This thesis is a theoretical study of some aspects of space charge waves and hydromagnetic waves in solids. Dispersion equations obtained in the hydrodynamic approximation are studied to gain Information concerning transverse waves propagating along an applied magnetic field, and the conditions for which space charge waves may grow. For the hydromagnetic waves various assumptions are made as to the ratio of the electron and hole masses and electron and hole number densities. Particular attention is paid to the extrinsic and intrinsic cases. It is shown that often waves which are apparently different from waves previously studied, may be considered as simple extensions or special cases of the type of wave motion that are well established. In studying growing space charge waves it is assumed that the solid is intrinsic, the hole mass equals the electron mass, and the plasma found in the solid is cold. Recombination and damping of the carriers is taken into account at all times. For this model exact conditions are given for which growth of space charge waves propagating along an applied electric field may occur.

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