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A microscopic model of hypernuclei Johnstone, John Allistair


A separable potential model is constructed to describe the coupled ΣN-AN systems. From this the Σ single particle potential is developed including Pauli effects. The momentum space Schroedinger equation is then solved self-consistently for the complex eigenvalues of 1s and lp state Σ° hypernuclei. Arising from two quite distinct mechanisms these states are all found to be long lived. In s-states, Pauli suppression of the ΣN->AN conversion reduces the widths by as much as 50% from classical estimates in heavy nuclei, and in light nuclei produces widths as small as 1.8 MeV inΣ[sub=o;sup=5]He. In p-states, Pauli effects are relatively unimportant and the strong absorption of the potential creates extremely narrow quasi-bound states in the Σ continuum.

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