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Low temperature specific heat of LixNbS2 intercalation compounds Dahn, Douglas Charles


This thesis describes a study of the low temperature specific heat of LiⅹNbS₂, where x is between 0 and 1. Samples were prepared by intercalating lithium into niobium disulfide in electrochemical cells. Structural data obtained by x-ray diffraction are presented. These, together with electrochemical measurements, show that staged phases exist for some values of x. The electronic specific heat of LiⅹNbS₂, is consistent with complete charge transfer from the intercalated lithium to the bands of the NbS2 host. The lattice specific heat also shows large changes as a function of x. A discussion of the data in terms of continuum elasticity theory suggests that intercalation produces large changes in the shear elastic constant C₄₄ . A brief discussion of superconductivity in LiⅹNbS₂, is also included.

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