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Microwave dielectric measurements on MEM(TCNQ)₂ and TTF-TCNQ Morrow, Michael Robert


The microwave dielectric constant and conductivity of MEM(TCNQ)₂ were studied in the neighbourhood of the monomer to dimer transition at 61°C using cavity-perturbation techniques at 9 GHz. The conductivity was found to be in general agreement with four-probe d.c. results. Thus, doubts about the reliability of the d.c. measurements above the destructive transition have been removed. The complex dielectric constant of TTF-TCNQ at liquid helium temperatures was studied using dielectric resonance techniques. Some anomalies regarding the interpretation of the dielectric resonance mode plots were resolved. Values for Є’ of (3.0±0.4)X10³ and for Є’of greater than 9 were implied by the results. Finally, preliminary results and proposed directions for a bolometric absorption measurement in TTF-TCNQ in the microwave bands are presented. This technique may prove useful for the direct observation of the pinned charge density wave in TTF-TCNQ.

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