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Towards a description of low-energy hadronic physics using the Skyrme model Pari, Giovanni


We prove that the generalization of the Skyrme quartic lagrangian from flavor SU(2) to flavor SU(3) is not unique. Under the general assumptions of chiral symmetry, Lorentz invariance and restriction to two time—derivatives, there are two independent SU(3) forms. We apply within the framework of the Yabu and Ando approach, the new "alternate" lagrangian to a calculation of octet and decuplet baryon mass differences and find good agreement with experiment. We consider the alternate lagrangian to construct an eta-nucleon bound state model for the N(1535) resonance. Also, we have considered the problem of describing the S and P wave π-nucleon scattering within the framework of the Skyrme model. We go beyond the adiabatic approximation by considering the introduction of time—derivative interactions between pions and collective coordinates. A truncation scheme of unphysically open channels is introduced in K-matrix formalism and a unitary S-matrix is reconstructed. We compare our results with the ∆-isobar model and with phase shift analyses. Our calculation reproduces well the essential features of the P waves. For S waves, very attractive background contributions lead to poor agreement with the phase shift data.

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