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Photoluminescence studies of the electron-hole droplet and the impurity band in Si(P) Rostworowski, Juan Adalberto


The photoluminescence spectrum of phosphorus-doped silicon at 17 _ 3 19-3 dopant concentrations ranging from 1.2 x 10¹⁷ cm⁻³ to 4.0 x 10¹⁹ cm⁻³ is studied as a function of excitation intensity. The spectra are interpreted tn terms of two types of recombination events', one' attributed to the recombination of oppositely charged carriers inside an electron-hole droplet and the other outside due to the recombination -of free holes with electrons in the impurity band. The latter type of event gives rise to a new photoluminescence peak observed for the first time. The line shape of this peak compares very well with a first principle calculation of the impurity band density of states within the Hubbard model. Existing theories for the ground state energy of an electron-hole droplet in n-type heavily doped silicon are reviewed and new numerical results are presented. However, within the present model droplets are not theoretically understood at this time in heavily-doped silicon.

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