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Some considerations concerning newtonian charts Gegenberg, Jack David


In Part I, spherically symmetric solutions of Rastall's 1971 gravitational field equations for empty space-time are examined. One static solution is found to be just a static spherically symmetric Newtonian metric; i.e., the metric of Rastall's 1968 scalar theory of gravity. However, there are other solutions which satisfy the same boundary conditions at spatial infinity. It is observed that the time-like vector field n[formula omitted] appearing in the field equations is not uniquely defined when the metric is assumed to be spherically symmetric. Part I concludes with a discussion of the effects of this ambiguity upon the solutions of the field equations. Part II is a discussion of an alternative procedure for generalizing Rastall's 1968 theory of gravity. The new, generalized Newtonian metric is assumed to satisfy the linearized vacuum field equations of General Relativity in the weak-field limit. The quantities from which generalized Newtonian metrics are constructed are then found to exhibit wave-like behavior.

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