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Instrumentation of the shotcrete lining in the Canadian National Railways Tunnel, Vancouver, B.C. Mason, Robert Edward


The Canadian National Railways Tunnel in Vancouver, B. C. is the first tunnel in North America to be driven with a temporary and permanent support system of coarse-aggregate shotcrete in lieu of steel arch sets and formed concrete. In order to determine the function of the shotcrete lining and to aid in the decision to use the lining as a permanent lining, an instrumentation program was undertaken. Surface photoelastic strain gauges and imbedded hydraulic pressure cells were used to determine in situ stresses and strains. The measurements show that the lining has achieved a relative equilibrium level at three representative measurement points, and that nowhere have the measured stresses and strains been excessive, nor have they even approached allowable design values. The function of the shotcrete lining as a support system has been shown to differ from that attained by steel arch supports. The use of shotcrete for support of the Canadian National Railways tunnel resulted in considerable economic savings.

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