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Design, integration, and dynamical model of a multi-module deployable manipulator system (MDMS) Wong, Ho-Keung Kenneth


This thesis focuses on the mechanical design, development, mathematical dynamical model formulation, and demonstration of controlled operation of a Multi-module Deployable Manipulator System (MDMS). The new robot system can be used in ground-based as well as space-based operations. The system is composed of a mobile base supporting four modules connected in a chain topology. Each module consists of two links: one free to slew while the other permitted to deploy and retrieve. It is designed for future experimental investigations aimed at dynamics and control of this variable geometry manipulator by implementing different control algorithms to regulate its performance. The manipulator design involves the selection and sizing of actuators, the design of mounting and connecting components, and the selection of hardware as well as software for real-time control. The integration of computer control system components for the MDMS is also discussed in details. The governing equations of motion for the planar dynamics of the manipulator system are obtained using an 0(N) algorithm, based on the Lagrangian approach and velocity transformations. The 0(N) character is computationally efficient permitting real-time control of the system. A dynamical simulation program is written in C language. The accuracy of the formulation and the validity of the computer code can be verified through energy conservation tests. The classical Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control strategy is implemented to illustrate satisfactory operation of the designed system.

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