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Dynamics and control of a class of ground based mobile flexible manipulators Ries, Thomas Charles


The thesis studies dynamics and control of a two-link flexible manipulator, free to undergo planar translational and slewing maneuvers, through numerical simulation. To begin with kinematics and kinetics of the system are investigeted, for a general N-link system undergoing planar motion, leading to the nonlinear, nonautononious and coupled equations of motion obtained using the Lagrangian procedure. A parametric study follows to assess the influence of system variables on the dynamical response and particularly on the positioning error of the payload. A joint based non-collocated algorithm, using the Feedback Linearization Technique (FLT) that accounts for the complete nonlinear dynamics of the system. is proposed for the tip control. The results are useful in the design of the ground based flexible, mobile servicing systems which are gradually appearing on the industrial scene and are likely to be more common in the future.

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