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Derived categories and functors Loo, Donald Doo Fuey


For each abelian category A, there is a category D(A), called the derived category of A, whose objects are complexes of objects of A, and whose morphisms are formal fractions of homotopy classes of complex morphisms having as denominators homotopy classes inducing isomorphisms in cohomology. If F : A →B is an additive functor between abelian categories, then under suitable conditions on A, there is a functor RF : D(A) → D(B) with the property that if objects X of A are considered as complexes concentrated at degree 0, then there are isomorphisms [formula omitted] for all n, where [formula omitted] is the ordinary [formula omitted] right derived functor of F. RF is called the derived functor of F, and one may look upon it as a kind of extension of F.

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