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An analysis of the oral reading errors of grade one pupils in terms of two teaching emphases Bryce, Joy Alberta


This study examined differences in oral reading behaviour of 58 grade one children attending achool in Richmond, B.C. Half the subjects received initial reading instruction through a phonics approach; half the subjects received initial reading instruction through a language experience approach. Among the findings were that subjects taught by the phonics approach, which emphasized letter-sound correspondence, produced more oral reading errors, more nonwords, and more substitutions with graphic and sound similarity to the response word than did children instructed by the language experience approach. Subjects taught by the language experience approach produced fewer errors and more substitutions syntactically and semantically acceptable, and more substitutions that did not alter the meaning of the sentence than the children instructed by the phonics approach. An analysis of the children's substitution errors for high, middle and low achievement groups was also discussed.

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