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An integrated system for the estimation of tree taper and volume Demaerschalk, Julien Pierre


A new taper equation is presented, log d = b₀ + b₁ log D + b₂ log 1 + b₃ log H where d is the diameter inside bark in inches at any given 1 in feet,D is the diameter breast height outside bark in inches, 1 is the distance from the tip of the tree in feet,H is the total height of the tree in feet and b₀,b₁,b₂ and b₃ are the regression coefficients. Two methods of deriving a compatible system of tree taper and volume equations are discussed.One method involves conversion of the logarithmic taper equation into a logarithmic volume equation.The other involves the derivation of the logarithmic taper equation from an existing logarithmic volume equation to provide compatabllity in volume estimation and at the same time ensure as a good fit as possible for the estimation of upper bole diameters (taper). Tests for precision and bias of volume estimates, carried out on the British Columbia Forest Service taper curves and logarithmic volume equations,indicate that the latter approach is preferable to the former.

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