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Optimum test Strategy for SoCs including wrapper and TAM design and optimization Ebadi, Zahra Sadat


Using the large number of transistors available on a chip, designers have already managed to put an entire system on a single chip. These are referred to as System-on-a-Chip (SoC). Being able to rapidly develop, manufacture, test, debug and verify complex SoCs is crucial for the continued success of the electronics industry. In the problem of SoC test integration three issues need to be addressed: wrapper design, TAM design and test scheduling. In this thesis, a novel wrapper design method is introduced to minimize the core test time, the number of test I/O pins and the required ATE memory. While previous methods for wrapper design only minimize the test time, the proposed method considers all of these factors in the test cost. Also a novel TAM based on time domain multiplexing (TDM-TAM) is introduced. This TAM is P1500 compatible and uses a P1500 wrapper. Its characteristics are flexibility, scalability, and reconfigurability.

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