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Identification and control of white water recycle systems Chen, Huiping


In recent years, more environmental restrictions have been imposed on pollutant discharge and fresh water consumption from paper mills. This gives increasing motivation to industry for closing paper machine white water system. With inter-related recycle loops, the white water system exhibits complicated dynamics. Identification and control of such a system in the presence of dynamics uncertainty is the primary goal of this research. Motivated by its simplicity and strong features in modelling unstructured processes, the Laguerre series representation is chosen for system modelling and on-line identification. A controller for the white water recycle system must be able to handle unmeasurable disturbances, process time delays, interactions inside and outside the plant etc. It has been proved that generalized predictive control (GPC) is a robust algorithm for adaptive applications. This research presents the first application of the Laguerre model based adaptive GPC for the control of the recycle system. Simulation results show that this control scheme provides excellent servo performance and load disturbance rejection.

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