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Modeling, analysis and dynamics of the human jaw system Ng, Francis Wai-Tsuen


This thesis deals with the modeling of the human jaw system. The model is a computer model in which the nine pairs of facial muscles and the jaw itself are represented. The study leading up to the model includes expressive Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) to encode the computer model. Different components in the jaw system are defined as objects and used as building blocks of the system. Although the studies in the thesis are confined to the human jaw system, various components of the model are designed to permit continuous modification. Direct measurements of muscles’ activities are always invasive, or even impossible to measure. A dynamic simulation model offers research workers a frame to improve the concept of the matters involved before measurements are made. Lastly, a jaw model can/may gives insight into how patients will recover from facial and muscle injuries. Studies of the behavior of other biological systems have been made to discover methods in which an artificial neural network (ANN) may contribute solutions to the dynamic control problem. Some useful results have been obtained which may indicate how ANN could be incorporated in the dynamic jaw model of the future. The work is interdisciplinary involving the following fields: dynamic behavior of muscle; dynamic behavior of biological system; mechanical system simulation; and ANN.

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