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A family of protocol testing techniques Chan, Wendy Yuen-Ling


This thesis developed three testing techniques that are applicable to the conformance testing of protocols: the UlOv-method, the eUIOv-method and the hybrid technique. The UlOv-method is for testing simple protocols modelled by finite state machines (FSMs). Any protocol that passes its tests possesses an FSM skeleton that is identical to the specified FSM. The UlOv-method is extended to the eUIOv-method to test more complex protocols that can be modelled by extended FSMs (EFSMs). A data flow testing procedure (DFTP) based on static data flow analysis and FSM testing is developed in this thesis to test the flow of parameters and variables in a protocol. This procedure is augmented with the eUIOv-method to form the hybrid technique which is directly applicable to the testing of complex protocols implemented according to their Estelle specifications. The technique captures protocols with erroneous EFSM control structures that cannot be detected by existing testing methods developed by Sarikaya and Ural. KEYWORDS: conformance testing, protocols, Estelle, finite state machines, unique input/outputs, extended finite state machines, data flow, fault coverage, protocol specification.

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