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Implementation and evaluation of various stop and wait type II hybrid ARQ schemes for mobile radio Agostino, Remo L.


This thesis investigates the design and implementation issues involved in the development of various Stop-and-Wait (SW) Type II Hybrid Automatic Repeat reQuest(ARQ) strategies. The modulation scheme utilized is the North American digital cellular standard known as 7r/4—shift DQPSK. The general Complementary Punctured Convolutional (CPC) SW Type II ARQ scheme is presented and numerically analyzed in both an AWGN channel and a combined AWGN and Rayleigh fading channel. The three variations of the general scheme implemented are: Rate 3/4 CPC SW Type II ARQ, Rate 3/4CPC SW Type II ARQ with Code Combining, and an Adaptive CPC SW Type II ARQ scheme. The prototypes are implemented with two Spectrum TMS320C30 Digital SignalProcessing (DSP) cards and a host IBM PC. The experimental data for the prototypes were verified and were in good agreement with the numerical results. This validated the prototypes' correct and proper operation along with the DSP software modules used by the prototypes. It is shown that the upgrade of the CPC SW Type IT ARQ scheme to a Code Combining and an Adaptive scheme requires small software modifications. It is the versatility and flexibility of the DSP cards which allow these upgrades to be easily accomplished and extremely cost effective. The Code Combining upgrade increased the throughput performance of the general rate 3/4 scheme at low SNR levels. The Adaptive scheme resulted in an increase at both low and high SNR levels with a slight degradation at medium SNR levels with respect to the throughput curve of the general rate 3/4 scheme.

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