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Determination of drained and undrained soil parameters using the screw plate test Berzins, William Edward


An evaluation of the screw plate test for use in the determination of soil deformation behavior is presented. Current methods of analysis are used to interpret the screw plate data, and the limitations of each method are discussed. As a result of the extensive test programme, the screw plate is found to provide reproducible estimates of drained moduli in sands, and undrained shear strengths in clays. Screw plate tests were performed at three research sites where clay, silt, and sand lithologies are encountered. Comparisons are made between deformation parameters obtained from the screw plate test, and those obtained from the pressuremeter, cone penetrometer, dilatometer, vane shear, and triaxial tests. Published correlations are used where applicable, and confirm the suitability of the screw plate test for field investigations in a variety of soil conditions. The development of a unique test apparatus is also detailed. Special features of this system include the automation of plate insertion, the controlled application of rapid cyclic load histories, and the retrieval of the plate upon completion of the sounding. The adaptation of this system to a conventional hydraulic jacking unit is also described. Based upon this systematic evaluation of the screw plate test, recommended test procedures and methods of analysis are also summarized. Suggested topics for future research are presented which would further enhance the applicability of the test to foundation design problems.

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